Blooms of Revelation | Shahanshah Mittal

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Blooms of Revelation | Shahanshah Mittal
June 6, 2024 Chaitya Shah

Blooms of Revelation: Exploring the Mystical Motifs

Shahanshah Mittal in his studio

Pov : Curator

Reflecting on his years spent alone in Delhi, painting emerged as the singular focus of Mittals’ existence. Guided by his Guru’s counsel to immerse himself in the mysteries of painting, he delved into the craft without reservation or hesitation. Over time, he discovered that the textures of concrete walls and roads, the rhythms of music, and the myriad impressions of daily life seeped into his artistic expression, shaping each stroke and colour.

“Mittal prompts viewers to question the boundaries between the real and the imagined, the natural and the supernatural. Through the evocative power of imagery, color, and symbolism, they evoke emotional responses, ignite imagination, and provoke contemplation of the sublime.”

Shahanshah Mittal, 13 x 14 in, Mix Media on Paper, 2023 each, SOLD

Pov : Creator

Mittal’s creative process is instinctive, devoid of overanalysis. He surrenders to the freedom of expression, allowing his surroundings and emotions to dictate the flow of his work. With a deep reverence for music, nature, and spirituality, he started on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to unravel the intricacies of his being. The microcosm fascinates him, leading him to embrace abstraction as the language of his art.

“My art is not just a reflection of what I see, but a manifestation of what I feel – a symphony of emotions painted with the colors of existence.”

Shahanshah Mittal's Collection

Pov : Creator

In his compositions, Mittal strives to manifest internal landscapes, capturing the essence of peace and balance. Drawing inspiration from the lives of saints, particularly Saint Kabir, he infused his practice with spiritual contemplation, integrating profound insights into his artistic narrative. The presence of letters in his work, akin to drawn forms, mirrors his simultaneous engagement with painting, music, and spiritual discourse, resulting in a harmonious interplay akin to poetry.

“Each painting is a journey, an exploration of the unknown within, guided by the whispers of intuition and the echoes of the divine.”

Shahanshah Mittal's Collection

Pov : Creator

A recurring motif in his art is the image of a flower, symbolizing the perennial promise of growth and transformation. Each piece, each series, serves as a visual diary of his exploration, a testament to the evolution of ideas guided by intuition and serendipity. From initial conception to final brushstroke, his paintings traverse unexpected paths, manifesting a fusion of intention and chance.

“A recurring motif, the flower, symbolizes growth and transformation..”

Shahanshah Mittal, 56.5 x 56.5 in, Acrylic on Canvas

Pov : Creator

“In the silence of solitude, I discovered the loudest voice – the voice of my soul, speaking through the language of art..”

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