Mythical Tapestry | Veenita Chendvankar

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Mythical Tapestry | Veenita Chendvankar
June 6, 2024 Chaitya Shah

Mythical Tapestry: Merging Tradition, Fantasy, and Modern Elegance

Veenita Chendvankar in her studio

Pov : Curator

Veenita’s artwork is a captivating fusion of nature and fantasy, showcasing a vibrant range of forms, styles, and techniques. An emotion of mystery, charm, and boundless energy infuses her creations as she delves into the enigmatic beauty of nature and the primary forces shaping our world.

“Chendvankar’s fantasy elements provide escapism and entertainment for viewers. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, many of us feel disconnected from the tales of our cultural heritage. By exploring folklore and fantasy in her art, she enables us to rediscover our origins, reminding us of the timeless wisdom and traditions passed down through generations.”

Veenita Chendvankar, 40 x 30 in, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

Pov : Creator

Her subconscious serves as the wellspring of inspiration, influenced by the tranquility of her surroundings and the rich heritage of Indian culture and folklore. Traditional motifs like Warli and Madhubani are re-envisioned with a modern twist, resonating with contemporary sensibilities while honouring her artistic temperament.

“My creations transcend the conventional, weaving a profound narrative that unites nature and fantasy in its purest form.”

Veenita Chendvankar, 36 x 36 in, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017 each

Pov : Creator

Colour plays a pivotal role in her work, crafting a multicolored emotional drama on the canvas that reflects fleeting dreams and fantasies. Each stroke contributes to a silent narrative, capturing the essence of mystery and majestic glory unique to her style.

“I confess to be a dreamer, and my works are the ethereal manifestations of these nocturnal journeys—a delicate collage of memories and fantasies.”

Veenita Chendvankar, 40 x 39.5 in, Acrylic on Canvas, 2020

Pov : Creator

As a dreamer, Veenita sees humanity as inseparable from nature, drawing inspiration from mythology and tales of divine power. Within her compositions lies a poetic narrative waiting to be told, each brushstroke weaving a story of strength, independence, and the timeless creativity inherent in nature.

“Horizontal and vertical planes within compositions carry a poetic illusion, inviting viewers into a silent, impactful tale spun by a storyteller.”

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