How Does Artwork on Walls Enrich Our Lives?

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How Does Artwork on Walls Enrich Our Lives?
June 27, 2019 Chaitya Shah


Walls are our life.
We are surrounded by walls.


Be it our home or office.
We are surrounded by walls these days.

With the growing length and gray of the walls, do you not feel suffocated? Your escape is either heading to the woods (very costly and also for a particular time) or to hang a beautiful painting. It gives you an escape, it only refreshes your brain after it is overloaded by files and work and an 8 GB ram which is almost full. With the boss yelling at you and your peers busy, how about a little zoning out through the painting?

By enriching your walls you are enriching your life. Your walls which you look at everyday are filled with the paintings that you love; you will only add the positive nutrients in your life that will help you grow. The artwork will ultimately pass on the culture captured in it to your children as a legacy.

But How?

Deserted Land vs Beautiful Garden

Imagine standing in the middle of an isolated land. How does it make you feel? Most of us would feel some emptiness resulting to death. Similarly, a barren wall gives the expression of blankness, lifelessness and depression. Now consider a view of a lush green and magnificent garden; it revitalizes us and gives a joyous feeling.

This is a filled wall with artwork. So when you come back from the office and kick your feet up on the sofa, you feel relaxed and blissful by just looking at the aesthetically rich artwork.

Dead vs Alive

Wall without Painting

Wall with Painting

An artwork gives the wall a life of its own. Think of an empty graying wall. It feels dead, doesn’t it? Now hang a bright colored, landscape on it, or even an animal art. Do you feel the difference?

You would no longer feel nothingness looking at the wall. Your Panting becomes alive; becomes a part of your family. And on a Sunday when your family is chattering; it will make the environment lively, becoming a part of your conversation.

It’s a necessity rather than luxury

In today’s time having a better life is necessity rather than luxury. Why?

We are surrounded by visual arts, right from the web-series’ realistic characters to the fictional graphic books and blingy designer clothes. Art is everywhere but we consume it differently. Every piece of art is a thought; even a simple abstract can make you feel happy, sad or angry. So when we walk, talk and sleep in art and design then why not have an aesthetically superior painting on walls that makes our lives better every single minute.

Investing in thought

Artist - Amit Ambalal

Artist - Amit Ambalal

Buying art is more about spending your money in beautiful thought and aesthetics. Filing up walls is secondary. Investing in paintings only means that you are investing in yourself! How? Art is an asset that we own, it is the hard work and effort put in by the creator only to talk to you and inspire you. The thought of the artwork and connect that you feel; is your emotional investment in yourself. It is the emotion, feel, vibe and the positivity that is worth experiencing which uplifts your thought only to uplift your standard of living.

Give your home and office a character of its own

If the walls are the body, the art is the soul of it. Imagine your living room having a bright figurative artwork, your guest room with a vibrant abstract work, your dining room with a picturesque landscape and bed room filled with romanticism. Each wall is different in style subject colors and artist, each wall possesses its own individuality, its own stories and emotions. Defining its own character.

Express yourself by having art on your walls

The art that you choose is a depiction of what you like and what you are. It will define you to the outer world. For example you are animal lover or a kathak lover, and you hang a painting about it, the guests will immediately get a hint about you. This will spark a topic between you and it will be one which you will like to describe about. The person will forever associate you with it and your friends and family will also know it. Hence, there is no need for you to directly mention an outsider about your passion as the painting will itself do your job. Magic, isn’t it?

I hope the blog helped you understand about why buying an artwork is not only for decorating walls but has many emotions, feelings and stories associated with it that enriches your life.