Tradition to Innovation | Vipin Singh Rajput

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Tradition to Innovation | Vipin Singh Rajput
June 13, 2024 Chaitya Shah

Tradition to Innovation : Vipin Singh Rajput redefines reality through mixed media art

Vipin Singh Rajput in his studio

Pov : Curator

Vipin Singh Rajput, An artist with a promising future, creates mixed media artworks, paintings, drawings, and performances that present a distorted mirror image of reality. His art blurs the lines between memory and experience, engaging viewers both physically and intellectually while adhering to the principle that form follows function. This approach allows him to address diverse themes in contemporary society through a conceptual framework.

“Rajput creates mixed media art that challenges perceptions and integrates daily elements to confront biases. His work combines tradition with innovation, exploring human emotion and societal themes through abstract, visually energetic pieces. Using diverse materials, he reflects the experimental nature of contemporary art.”

Vipin Singh Rajput, 12 x 12 in, Acrylic on Canvas, 2023

Pov : Creator

By incorporating familiar daily elements, Rajput creates situations that challenge viewers to reconsider their conditioned perceptions and biases. He integrates the tradition of remembrance art into his daily practice, viewing it as a form of meditation. This meditative process enables him to explore his work free from historical constraints, revealing inherent awkwardness and humor that reflect human vulnerabilities. His work presents movement as a metaphor for the ever-seeking individual experiencing continuous loss.

“By challenging the division between memory and experience, I try to open the door to a wide range of subjects in a multi-layered manner.”

Vipin Singh Rajput, 16 x 16 in, Mix Media on Canvas, 2023

Pov : Creator

Rajput’s art questions the conditions of appearance within contemporary visual culture, where images and ideas typically function. His collected, altered, and original works interact as aesthetically resilient and thematically interrelated materials for memory and projection. The energy and emotional vibrations of places are crucial to him and are palpable in his works.

“I adopt a different approach to abstract communication, making his paintings visually energetic.”

Vipin Singh Rajput , 65 x 65 in, Mix Media on Canvas, 2020

Pov : Creator

His creative process avoids traditional storytelling, favouring abstract communication. His visually energetic paintings represent journeys through his perceptions, feelings, and sentiments, expressed via line and subtle colour play. These works evoke varying shades of human emotion, depicting a continuity that evolves from incompleteness to completeness, with the process capable of pausing at any moment without a definitive beginning or end.

“Using a conceptual approach, I incorporates recognizable daily elements, creating unprecedented situations that confront viewers with their conditioned perceptions.”

Vipin Singh Rajput , 67 x 91.75 in, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014

Pov : Creator

For Rajput, painting is a communion with line and colour rather than a dialogue or conversation. The logic of the line dictates its spread across the canvas. While his recent works predominantly utilize mixed media, he consistently employs various materials like wood, nails, wires, paper, cloth, napkins, rice paper, handmade paper, ink, and pastel. This diverse use of mediums enriches his artworks.

“In my paintings, the forms are abstract yet derived from everyday life, holding personal value.”

Vipin Singh Rajput , 11.5 x 8 in, Mix Media on Wood, 2023

Vipin Singh Rajput, 12 x 12 in, Mix Media on Wood, 2023

In his view, contemporary art is experimental, prioritizing thought and ideas. His abstract forms, derived from everyday life, hold personal significance. He visualizes objects close to him and unconsciously alters their presentation, resulting in unique portrayals. Each work resonates on a philosophical level, prompting viewers to engage with the essential themes and emotions in his art.

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