Medium: The King Maker

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For an art lover, it is essential to understand that a creative concept can be in any form and medium. When all factors in an artwork including the subject and process are taken into consideration, the medium used becomes one of the crucial elements. Not only which medium is used depending on the subject but also how well the medium is treated is the key.

A medium can break or make the work; hence, it is crucial that the artist chooses the correct medium based on what he wants to narrate.

A director may have a great concept in his mind. But, if the casting goes wrong, the characterization suffers. A poorly written character played by a strong actor can make the character likeable. The actor is the medium for the director to convey his story. The director here is the artist, the story is the subject he wants to paint while the medium i.e. watercolour is the actor.

An actor is like water; he takes the form of the character written for him and follows the director’s narration. A medium is exactly like that, it is very important for the artist to give it direction, to treat it and know the technicalities of the medium to get the superlative outcome.

Before painting, the artist should be friendly with the medium. Several artists communicate with the surface and colours. However, only a few artists respect the medium and give it as much importance as the subject and technique. It is the medium, which acts as a catalyst between the thought and way to transform that thought. Hence, to be friends with the medium can help the artist in great way taking decisions at the right time. Just as a friend helps another friend in times of need.

Every masterpiece on earth is the result of a great chemistry shared by the artist and its medium.