Episode 6: Supporting Indian Art and Artists

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Episode 6: Supporting Indian Art and Artists
June 26, 2019 Chaitya Shah


Episode 6: Supporting Indian Art and Artists

Today, Facebook is removing fake pages from its platform, WhatsApp is requesting it users to help them stop spreading fake news, and Instagram and YouTube remove videos if copyrighted music is found in any content. I wish as a curator, we had the power to check the circulation of fake Indian artworks and remove them before entering the art ecosystem or may be burn them whenever found.

The discussion of fake in Indian art is only behind closed doors and limited to the art ecosystem. There are a lot of interior designers and architects, along with curators and galleries, supporting this movement, who would want to speak up. A curator like me would not be able to see the buyers in wrong hands, cannot wait to see the market destroyed and cannot wait to hear the next generation asking questions about what we did in order to prevent fakes and theft of individuals’ rights of an artist. I hope this article was helpful enough for you to understand how Fake Art is a poison to Indian Art Ecosystem; how you can protect yourself from it and most importantly, help us stop it for good!

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Text – Chaitya Dhanvi Shah.
Pictures – copyright of respective owners.

Disclaimer – the idea of this blog/podcast is to create awareness amongst the first time buyers and art collectors to make them cautious about the fake artworks in the Indian Art market. Moreover, to stop the forgery, duplication and illegal activities by the greed driven professionals. This blog/podcast by no means targets any individual person, community, professionals or organisation – public or private. The aim of this blog/podcast is to educate and create awareness about Indian Art Ecosystem.