Sochne ki Azadi - Freedom to Think

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Sochne ki Azadi – Freedom to Think
August 3, 2019 Chaitya Shah


Sochne ki Azadi – Freedom to Think

Who will tell us that the sky can be yellow? Who can make a face in a cube form? Who can paint Radha and Krishna together in a romantic set yet represent their love as a symbol of purity?

It is a power that resides within the artist, painter, fine artist and visual painter; to create something extraordinary with his absolute Freedom to Think.


As a curator, I believe that the most important assets that an artist possesses are: 

  1. Power of observation of the surroundings
  2. Research and Analysis
  3. The Freedom to Think
  4. Skills and techniques to transform the thought onto the medium

It is the artist’s notion to think beyond what is termed normal with their power to change the perspective of the society. The technique can be developed by learning, but the capability of “how to think” outside the edge cannot be taught, it is instilled in us.

There are many sources to help develop our thinking like just observing the everyday activities going around us. We just have to capture these panoramas and read between the lines.


So now the question arises, how to judge a great painter?

‘A person with better technique will become a good painter, a person with better skills can copy a masterpiece but an artist who can “think beyond” can only become a great painter’

At the end, the artist who understands that the buyers and collectors invest in the thought and not the beautiful bright colours is the one who succeeds in contributing to the society. A painting is as strong as the thought in it which has a story or stirs up emotions or generates feelings and expressions in the mind of the viewer.

Hence in this blog, we will pay our homage to the great Indian artists from the Cave Age to the Contemporary Times for providing us with the best of the artworks. We are fortunate enough to have artists in India who think and make the most of this vast sky of freedom that they hold.


I often receive several emails and WhatsApps of young and hobby artists. It is sad to see that almost 90% of these works are either copied or lack any thought. I would like to urge them to think as it is the birthright that is given to them as a creative artist. You are as good as your thoughts.

Be original and break the barriers of what is considered ‘normal’. Pave a new path of thought for you and the younger generations. There are certain countries, faith, people, spouse, friends, partners and rules that limit your freedom of thought and expression.

Just like freedom of speech and expression, Freedom to Think is not only your birthright but a fundamental necessity for a healthy and a progressive society. We are privileged to be born in a country where freedom to think is encouraged.

One can control your words and actions but only you can control your thoughts and beliefs. So, utilise the power, gift and privilege of this amazing autonomy bestowed upon you. Create something that the nation can take pride in and bring justice to the years of struggle, sacrifice and sweat that our forefathers and freedom fighters spent to endow the freedom.

Let us create a new world of Indian Art where the thought and research is given primary importance; and where the new generations draw inspiration from the artworks that you have created, as an Indian artist.

On this Independence Day, the society salutes all the Indian artists, painters, actors, musicians, poets, writers, directors, curators and all those who are rooted to creativity and freedom of thought that inspires and shows a new perspective and peels off the limits and boxes of thought. We thank the Government of India, respective State Governments, the Army and Religious Organizations that have kept us safe and shaped an environment where we, the art community, can have “Sochne ki Azadi”

Photos and Text © Chaitya Dhanvi Shah