The Brown Girls | Thinker | Ch 08

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The Brown Girls | Thinker | Ch 08
March 3, 2023 Chaitya Shah

The Brown Girls | Thinker | Ch 08

Thinker by Naina Dalal

Naina in her studio

Women in Naina’s work have a unique trait. They are thinkers. Knowledge is their power, though beauty remains the core for the society. This mentality can only change when women at large make it a point to change.

Her characters believe only with the knowledge she can impart to her children what they should value in life and through that the world will build. To be black, white, brown, fat, thin, is not in our hands and most importantly not our choice. Beauty is inferior.

1. The woman in her paintings has the ability to think. And she thinks why don’t girls focus on educational development, social cooperation, emotional intelligence, cognitive thinking and develop the ability to grow as a human beings.

2. If colour is the problem then why the black dress is considered to be classy and black car to be luxurious but the same black and brown tone is not appreciated on the skin?

Thinker / Paintings by Naina Dalal.

Thinker / Paintings by Naina Dalal.

3. She thinks is it necessary to judge fellow human beings on the basis of beauty and looks? Why don’t we accept and love ourselves? Once we start loving ourselves, people will start doing the same to us!

4. The lady thinks instead of expanding our butts, breasts, and snake-bitten lips for others approval why don’t we expand our brain cells?

5. She rethinks the set agenda of society. While introspecting, she realizes if skills, integrity and acumen are important to carry out a successful business, where does beauty stand? To raise kids, one needs to cultivate knowledge and values. Where does beauty come in to help?

6. The world today talks about women empowerment. It primarily focuses on her economic and social development, along with her sustainable development. All this is for what? Her to face the world? Without a sound foundation, without knowing her, without understanding her own emotions, mind, and body? The only idea is to make them self reliant economically. Fair enough. Who will talk about their core?


Thinker / Paintings by Naina Dalal.

Naina signing her print for National Printmaking Portfolio show

7. They say a woman can seduce the mightiest of men. We have several evidence of history irrespective of society, colour, and race. She thinks, why don’t women attract men with their minds and soul? Why her body? Why can’t we have a world free of shapes, curves, flesh, skin and create a world with the foundation of where emotions can be expressed, rational thinking is encouraged, good deeds are prioritized, and compassion are amongst the primary elements to appreciate a woman.

Hopefully, we shall have it soon. Until then let’s enjoy Naina Dalal’s thought provoking and liberating works which offer the world we want to live in the future.

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Text and Narration: Chaitya Dhanvi Shah


Photos and Text © Chaitya Dhanvi Shah