The Brown Girls | Partnership | Ch 06

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The Brown Girls | Partnership | Ch 06
March 3, 2023 Chaitya Shah

The Brown Girls | Partnership | Ch 06

Partnership by Naina Dalal

Naina at her Exhibition in Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1973, with husband and legendary artist Ratan Parimoo.

The ladies in Nains’s works are frank and honest about their approach towards their partners. Few of them are submissive, some are dominating and other believes in equality. All three approaches are fine, as long as their partners are cool with it. The most exciting phase for any relationship is the earliest stage when either of the partners propose to be together for lifetime. The relationship shown here is a mix of love, friendship and respect.

Once together, celebrating it becomes special. The unification of two souls is a pious act where the couple selflessly submit themselves to each other. After having a quality intimate time, the satisfaction can be seen on their face. The girl is not hiding her body because of shyness but her happiness is reflected through her peaceful body language. The green signifies their desire. This work shows a union needs no condition of being sexy or handsome. The lady here seems to be a middle aged woman with white hair and the man is bald.

Partnership / Paintings by Naina Dalal.

Partnership / Paintings by Naina Dalal.

For Naina’s characters, spending time with one another and cherishing every moment of life together a benchmark for successful relationships. There comes a phase, when the partnership is so strong that there is no need for words. When everything is settled you just sit down and enjoy the beauty of life and nature just being together, sitting side by side is enough. The couple here sitting on a surreal bench with parrot on each side depicts their taste of great furniture, while the lines reflects their thoughts. The simplicity of this work makes one wonder whether they are remembering their life’s journey? The flowers at a distance may remind them of their kids, their relationship?

The beauty of these works lies in the subject, the emotion and the feeling that connects us. The viewer doesn’t need to make an extra effort to appreciate the artwork. These works are universal in its emotions and feel. The character is the viewer and the viewer is the character presented in the painting.



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Naina Dalal and Ratan Parimoo in her studio

joint exhibition poster of Naina Dalal and Ratan Parimoo, 1964

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Text and Narration: Chaitya Dhanvi Shah


Photos and Text © Chaitya Dhanvi Shah