Living Art Form | MF Hussain & Ajay Choudhary

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Living Art Form | MF Hussain & Ajay Choudhary
July 22, 2022 Chaitya Shah


Ajay Chowdhury, who held his baton of order and discipline outside, here in his painting the brush is held with a firm grip to create his own discipline in colour and line. That’s how outside and inside of oneself correspond to each other. You may call it a “living art form”.

MF Husain


Ajay Choudhary in his studio, 2006.

Call him an amateur, a novice, a maverick, or a purist – Ajay Choudhary has etched himself onto the canvas of the intricate world of abstract art. A self-taught man has surprised all with his deft strokes on the canvas. He is considered a gifted abstractionist. Noted global painter M.F. Husain has described Choudhary’s paintings as a “living art form”. His imagination and ideas for paintings are based on his experiences or observations from daily life.

Born in 1975, in Jharkhand, India, Shi Choudhary has held several over 12 solo shows across India and has been part of various group shows in India and abroad. His works have been featured in several leading auction houses.  ‘ A Stroke with Square’, a 22-minute documentary made on abstract Paintings of Ajay Choudhary was shown at the Morocco international film festival, Kerala Film Festival, and Calcutta Film Festival to name a few. A sound Installation ‘ CROCHET OF EMOTIONS’ was made by a Bollywood music director inspired by the artworks of Choudhary.

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The key idea behind my paintings is to use abstraction as a means to comment on reality by a process embodying child-like freedom and spontaneity to break the conventional inhibitions of a trained mind to project an unchartered abstract landscape of the abstruse.

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