In a Minute with a Diary of a Curator

Season 2

In a Minute with a Diary of a Curator – Season 2
July 6, 2020 Chaitya Shah


Welcome to the show – In a minute with a diary of a curator. Thank you all for liking season 1. I hope you will find Season 2 exciting as well.

In season one my focus was on figurative artworks. In this series, I would like to talk about how execution is important in an artwork. In our day to day lives, every subject is seen before, every colour is used before, every emotion is felt before, forms, composition nothing is original in this world.

There are millions of paintings in this world with the same animal as the subject, art related to music, abstraction in context to time and space, and sculptures portraying human figures and nature.Still, why do we find certain works very interesting even though we know they are seen before. It happens to many of us.

In my opinion, the differentiator is the way an artist ‘executes’ his subject. It is their approach that makes their work stand out. Execution matters the most as it makes a simple subject powerful and a visual treat to the viewers.

So, be with me In a minute with a diary of a curator season 2 every Wednesday and Saturday on youtube, Instagram and Facebook /(search adiaryofacurator). You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Jio Saavn, Apple and Google podcasts.

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