Interview | The Fine Art of Fine Arts

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Interview | The Fine Art of Fine Arts
December 3, 2022 Chaitya Shah

Behind the Scenes | The Fine Art of Fine Arts | Janvi Sonaiya, Editor, Vibes of India in conversation with Author and Curator, Chaitya Dhanvi Shah.


Find Out :

How and Why did I write the book?

How I became the seeker and the artist a giver?

How did the conversation start as a casual chat and turn out to be necessary documentation for the art ecosystem?

What does the book offer?

What is Shyam Sharma as a person like?

Can aesthetics be taught?

The magic of thought process.

What does it take to be an artist?

How has the book changed my perspective toward art?

How to see, read, and collect art?

Why a Diary of a Curator?

Special Thanks: The Vibes of India