In a Minute with a Diary of a Curator

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In a Minute with a Diary of a Curator
March 30, 2020 Chaitya Shah


For some art is technical. For some art is an experience. And few call it an emotion. To read, understand and enjoy art is very personal. No one is right or wrong in reading and understanding art.

In a minute with a dairy of a curator, I Chaitya Dhanvi Shah share with you what I find exciting in an artwork.

At times, I tend to be technical, at times it’s a pure visual pleasure but mainly the first account comes in from ‘What I feel’.

My process to enjoy an artwork is very simple and casual.

In the first 10 seconds, I get to understand art like bullet points. I do not know how but there are these certain points that hit me up. The remaining 40 seconds I try to assess art on the various basis from sentimental values to its aesthetic appeal and to technicalities like colours, strokes, composition, lines etc. In the last 10 seconds I sum up like a quick revision.

The objective of this show is to introduce people on how to appreciate, read and enjoy art. I wish more and more people to join in, engage and discuss art that in a way it will not only enrich their lives and mind but also help build a strong world #fortheartecosystem.

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