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A Diary of a Curator

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah

I am Chaitya Dhanvi Shah. Let me tell you why I launched this blog as ‘A Diary of a Curator’ and why you must read it.

Not everyone makes art! But most of us can see, feel and praise art. But my interaction, research and journey across the world made me realise that the ratio of Art Education, Art Awareness and Art Appreciation that must be existing in India, is ZERO.

Also sadly, not much ofIndian art-related information is readily available. I want Indian art to be accessible not just for the privileged, but for the people, and society at large. And what better way to educate the non-art community, make them aware, cherish and appreciate art than by documenting art for ever. I think here comes my role as an art curator.
In a layman’s language, an art curator is a multi-tasker who is responsible for the entire art collection – right from researching artists, selecting art to be displayed, organizing art exhibitions and producing the written material.

I would define myself as an ‘art curator’ working for the art ecosystem, having a strong intent for Indian art and the zeal to care about the art I exhibit for the society.

I launched my blog as ‘A Diary of a Curator’ in June 2018 as a platform for me to write about what I think “serves the art ecosystem.” I started the art blog to educate the society and generate awareness of Indian art by sharing my experiences with artists – their works, their lives, their studios; the varied forms of art and culture seen in different cities of the world; first-hand information on the best of art installations and exhibitions held in the world; and anything that adds an aesthetic value in our lives.


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